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Keeping the Heat On!
Are you having problems with your oil, gas, or biomass furnace? The simple troubleshooting below identifies some of the most common problems. 
​​" ​​​My furnace is not turning on "


This could be the result of multiple problems, but there are a few simple things you can attempt yourself before giving us a call.

  1.                 Check fuse or breaker

  2.                 Check power switch

  3.                 Change Batteries in thermostat

  4.                 If you have an oil furnace, press the reset button

  5.                 If you have a gas furnace,  turnoff the power for 30 seconds and then turn the power back on

  6. ​                Check level of fuel oil and propane as you may be out. 

​"My furnace runs for a short period of time, but does not stay on


A) If you have an oil furnace

  1.                  Check  the fuel level
  2.                  Check the oil line to see if it is frozen
  3.                  Check the valves on the oil line and make sure that they are open
B) If you have a natural or propane gas furnace ​

  1.                  Check the valves on the gas line and make sure that they are open.
  2.                  Check the valves on the gas meter and make sure that it is open. If propane that check to make sure your propane tank is not  empty.
  3. ​                  Check that nothing is blocking or covering  the exhaust pipe ( example : snow, debris, toys) if obstructed will cause furnace to overheat and shut down. ​
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