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Square Fire Pit Insert – Electronic Ignition EI


This is our top-of-the-line gas fire pit system featuring the ignition ease with use of a wall switch or handheld remote to control flame as well as auto-relight if flame loss. This is our most advanced control system with numerous convenience and performance improvements for both On/Off Models and our newly introduced High/Low Models- such as High/Low flame control via our new remote or smart phone app, a redesigned hot surface igniter and many other improvements.


  • Fully Assembled- ready to install. Control components are protected within stainless steel valve box.

  • Start via wall switch, remote or whole house system; Auto re-light if flame is lost.

  • Ignition is complete using a robust and reliable Hot Surface igniter.

  • On/Off models: Use with optional wall switch or Remote Control available.

  • High/Low Flame Control Models: Adjust high setting to low setting- ~45% turndown (Remote Control and Smatt Phone App included).

  • 120vac: Standard outdoor grounded power cord- simply plug into GFCI outlet.

  • 24vac Option: Typically used pool side or with other lower voltage requirements.

  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane: Factory built & tested for either fuel.

  • Internal temperature monitoring with overheat auto shutoff.

  • CSA Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2014 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements. (This new EI system already meets upcoming 2018 ANSI requirements)!

  • Optional Controls: On/Off Remote, Timers, Power Supplies and an Emergency Shutoff. (See accessories)


Square, Flat Pan Fire Pit Insert Models

Although the round pan fire pit insert is popular in square enclosures, the square pan model delivers more flame in the corners giving a uniform look with the square surrounding.

ON/OFF Series

18FSSEI-SQ / 18x18” flat pan, PENTA12 burner / 65K
24FSSEI-SQ / 24x24" flat pan, PENT18 burner / 125K
30FSSEI-SQ / 30x30" flat pan, PENTA24 burner / 200K
36FSSEI-SQ / 36x36" flat pan, PENTA30 burner / 250K
42FSSEI-SQ / 42x42" flat pan, PENTA36 burner / 400K

On/Off Models: Includes the convenience and safety features- optional remote control available.

HI/LO Series

18FSSEI-SQ-HI/LO / 18x18” flat pan, PENTA12" burner / 65K
24FSSEI-SQ-HI/LO / 24x24" flat pan, PENTA18" burner / 125K
30FSSEI-SQ-HI/LO/ 30x30" flat pan, PENTA24” burner / 200K
36FSSEI-SQ-HI/LO / 36x36" flat pan, PENTA30 burner / 250K

High / Low Flame Control Models: This option includes a remote control and smart phone app with 2-way communication with the fire pit. Remote allows flame height control while receiving information from fire pit to advise user of fire pit status (flashing LED).

How It Works

Start Up: This is done by use of a wall switch or remote control (or smart phone on Hi/Lo Models. When the ON command is received, the system completes initial safety checks then starts flow of pilot gas. After 5 seconds the hot surface igniter glows igniting pilot flame. When the system confirms pilot flame present, the main burner gas will flow ignited by the pilot flame.

Operation: While enjoying the ambiance of your fire pit, the system is at work monitoring flame status, internal temperatures / voltages and other safety parameters. If flame loss does occur, the system will turn off all gas flow, and then restart by automatically commencing Start sequence.

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply use wall switch, remote control or smart phone.

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